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Automatic Movement Service Shipping price included
 Item Number: 109822


Service Specifications: Overhaul
How this purchase works

When you order this service for a personal watch you already own, the request will be stored in your shopping cart along with any other products and/or services you might choose.

Once the checkout is complete, we will receive the request and an e-mail will be sent to you with a shipping label with the adress of Messina Jewelers store.

How to send your watch

It is very important to protect your watch as much as possible, and for that we recommend the use of a strong carton box filled with bubble-wraps or chopped pieces of Styrofoam. Remember to seal the box with a strong and reliable tape.

The next step is to print the shipping label you received and bind it to the box. You might use the same tape you sealed the box with - just remember that every word on the shipping label need to stay visible. Finaly, all that is left to do is to send us the package!

Why should you let us overhaul your piece? It is unfortunate, but a fact, that time itself may be an small nuisance for every watch's movement.

Specialists sugests that all pieces should be overhauled by a professional every two years, if its owner wish to keep it as precise as possible, of course.

If you want your watch to be as healthy as possible, let us do a complete overhaul service on it for you!

Automatic Movement Service  Shipping price included
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